About Amy Beth

The photography bug bit me much like the wild honey badger bites the cobra. I had other plans in mind but as we all know, the honey badger don’t care. My first love was nature photography, but after an internship with Imaginative Studios, I fell in love with photographing couples. And families. And pets. And, well, everything.

Flowers and nature photography by Chicago film photographer Amy Beth Harkess
I often astound people with my ability to see the most obscure, tiny details in my environment. I’m like the Where’s Waldo champion of photography. I love searching for the hidden details and beauty in the every day. And I love making people feel good about themselves. There is nothing more rewarding to me than hearing from a client that I made her or him or them feel beautiful and happy and full of love. Is there anything better than that?

I am a home for wayward and abandoned film cameras. You can expect to see some of my vintage friends making an appearance at your session or event. They are a little shy, but if you get a few drinks in them, they love to play! My professional Canon digital gear usually allows our film buddies to spend some time at your session or event.

Film photography by Chicago photographer Amy Harkess
A few more random facts about me:

  • I can say the alphabet backwards.
  • My biggest photographic achievement has nothing to do with any photograph I’ve ever taken. It has been teaching my niece about photography with her film camera loaded up with black and white film and taking her into the darkroom to make prints.
  • I had the chickenpox twice.
  • I want to photograph Rainn Wilson (of Dwight Schrute fame) and Kanye West. I love them both. I know. I’m sorry if you are a Taylor Swift fan. I can’t quit Kanye. I love him. If you can make either of those photographic events occur, I will give you a $2,500 credit towards photography services and products. For realz. Make it happen internets!
  • I loved cupcakes before loving cupcakes became cool. I am partial to yellow cake cupcakes with delicious buttercream frosting and pretty decorations.

Send me a love note! I can’t wait to hear from you. Are you planning an amazing party with lots of cupcakes and need a fantastic photographer? Would you like to come hang out in the darkroom with me and learn about film photography? Are you Kanye West? Do you love honey badgers? These are the questions that keep me up at night. Send me some answer love! I know we’ll get along smashingly. But you don’t have to take my word for it. *

Chicago film wedding photographer Amy Beth Harkess
Photo courtesy of Wildlove Photography’s fantabulous Megan Eckers.


*Take a look, it’s in a book, a reading rainbow!