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by Amy on July 31, 2014

Must Haves Second Shooters

Since I always go into an assisting or second shooting job with the intention of carrying as much of the lead photographer’s gear as possible, I try to pack my own bag on the light side. Aside from the actual camera gear I need for the day, here are five “must have” items that I ALWAYS make room for in my bag:

1. At least one extra copy of the time line and any group photo lists (plus some extra pens to cross off shots as we go)
Yes, the lead photographer probably has at least one paper copy and may have it loaded on his or her phone. But they have saved the day on more than one occasion. I make notes and check in with the DJ or wedding coordinator at reception time to see if there are any changes or updates and pass them along to the lead. *Bonus* If there is a lot of travel involved, I also print out travel directions. I’ve seen more than one GPS get cranky at a very inopportune moment.

2. Several of the lead shooter’s business cards
While the lead photographer is doing portraits or other important shots, I am often charged with detail shots of the reception room, cake and decor. This means I may meet important fellow vendors like florists, bakers and catering staff that might not meet the lead photographer. I always take a moment to share the lead’s contact information and make sure the vendors know I am working on their behalf. If I see guests asking the lead photographer about where/when they might be able to see the photographs, I’m also able to save the lead a little time by passing on a business card.

3. Water and easy to eat snacks
I bring these items for myself, so it’s not any trouble to add extra for the lead. I also try to refill our water supply whenever I have a chance. If there’s no travel involved, I also try to have a little cooler in my trunk with a PB&J sandwich or two and extra water. I never rely on “we’re supposed to get fed.” 🙂

4. Small first aid/emergency kit
Headaches happen. Blisters happen. You spill something on your shirt. That’s why Amy is loaded up with ibuprofen, bandaids and her trusty Tide to Go Pen!

5. Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes
I see that confused look on your face. But weddings are long, sweaty affairs. And a quick swipe of a unisex-scented cucumber wipe is like a super boost of energy and comfort.* Trust me. They are magical. And if you keep them in a cooler so they are a little chilly? Whoa. Life. Changing.

So, what about you? How has a second shooter saved your day? What do you wish he or she would have had with them at your last gig? Hop on over to Facebook and let me know with a comment!

*Not an affiliate link. The Say Yes peeps are not giving me anything. I’m tooting their horn out of my own free will and experiences. 🙂

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