Still the Best Winter Ever

by Amy on February 23, 2012

The Best Winter Ever has had some lovely side effects. Since we’ve been blessed with so little of it this year, I actually look forward to snow. Shhh. Don’t let it know I said that. That’s just between you and me. So when our last big snow hit, I pulled out my Photojojo Digital Time-Lapse Camera and made myself a little snowy movie. Enjoy!

Interested in dabbling in a little time lapse photography? If you are a Windows user, check out that Photojojo link I posted. You lose some of the functionality of the camera if you are on a Mac, but you can still use it.

I also give two big thumbs ups to the Timelapse Pro App available on the Apple App Store. Make sure you connect your phone to a power source so you don’t drain the battery and remember that you are limited by how long you can be without your phone. This is longer for some of us than others. 😉 There are lots of time lapse apps out there, so do your research, read the reviews and decide which is best for you. I’m sure there are apps out there for non iPhone smart phones, as well!

And finally, if you are really into time lapse photography, but find the quality of the options above to be limiting, you can get an intervalometer for your DSLR camera. An intervalometer will let you enjoy having full control of your end result. Use the live view mode on your camera (if available) to take a peek and change exposure settings as light conditions change. Some cameras even allow you to hook them up to a computer and do time lapse through the camera’s software, instead of purchasing a separate intervalometer. This obviously isn’t an option for situations when you can’t be tethered to a computer. Again, don’t forget the batteries! If your camera has an optional grip which accepts AA batteries instead of the usual proprietary battery, it might be worth springing for if you are serious about time lapse, since AA batteries are available almost everywhere.

Have fun and stop by to share your adventures in time lapse in the comment section! How fun would it be to have a little time lapse camera set up in the corner on your wedding day? I’d love to incorporate that into the video slide shows I create for all my wedding, civil union and commitment ceremony clients! Drop me a note if you want time lapse at your special event!

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