Guinness, America’s Next Top Cat Model

by Amy on September 6, 2011

portrait of a tabby cat in suburban Chicago Illinois
Guinness’ mom asked me to take some photographs of him because he’s been feeling a little under the weather. Having three kitties of my own, I was more than happy to comply. Guinness rocked his photo session and is well on his way to top model infamy. He has nailed the smizing (smile with your eyes, for you non-Tyra addicts).

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.
Tabby cat portraits
How YOU doin’?
Tabby cat pictures in suburban Chicago
Tabby cat portraits in the Chicago suburbs
Close up pet photography of a cat in suburban Chicago

To see more photographs from Guinness’ fabulous photo fun, stop by the Facebook page for the full gallery. While you are there, why not click on that shiny little “like” button? There might be some more surprises over there.

Thanks for being such a cooperative model, Guinness, and get well soon, buddy!

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