Date Weekend Redux

by Amy on September 2, 2011

Hello, dear readers! I have been neglecting the blog, but I pinky swear there will be lots of updates on here soon! I’ve been busy with client work, and my cameras are missing the one on one time with me. Since I haven’t given them any quality time since my technology vacation back in July, I’ve decided to take advantage of another holiday weekend for a tech break and a date weekend with my gear. I loved the images from my 4th of July weekend, and I can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for me over the next few days!

My old buddies are ready to hit the road (Canon EOS 3, Elan 7e, A-1 and Mamiya 645AF), but I have a new friend tagging along this weekend. I stopped by the AMAZING A&A Studios Vintage Photo Shop in Oak Park and brought home a Polaroid Land camera. A&A is staffed and run by some of the coolest peeps around, and if you are in the area, you need to stop by right now. It is like Mecca for vintage and toy camera lovers. If I lived a tiny bit closer to Oak Park, I’d be stalking the shop every day.

One of the fun perks with some of the instant films available for the Polaroid is that I get a “negative” that I can scan at home. So I get an instant print that I can give away to make someone’s day, but still have the ability to share the photos with all of you. How cool is that? Here’s one from the first pack in the Polaroid 440. Emily makes a wonderful test model, doesn’t she? I adore all the dirt and dust and fuzzies that get stuck to the chemical goo on the negative.

Scan of a negative from a Polaroid 440 land camera

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