Instagram Monday!

by Amy on July 11, 2011

In an effort to both stop overwhelming my Facebook feed with Instagram images and to give myself an excuse to blog while I wait for film scans to return, I’ve decided to start making these little storyboards from my Instagram adventures. Have I mentioned that I love my iPhone? I really missed not having a point and shoot camera in my purse all the time, but I never found one that was a good balance of quality and ease of use. Until my iPhone. I love my iPhone. I know, I know. I also love Instagram. It’s funny – all the things I sort of hate about digital photography (the over manipulation of files, its inability to really capture all of the data in a scene) – these are the things that make me adore Instagram. While you’d never find me using heavy photoshop actions or textures on my photographs (and I may have poo-pooed them from time to time when I saw them elsewhere), they just work so well on the little square photos that Instagram produces. Enough of the blathering. You get it already, I love Instagram and my iPhone. Shut up and show us your weekend adventures, already!

These are a random sampling from this weekend’s adventures, which included a trip to Cantigny and a visit to Whole Foods, along with lots of other random photo strolling.

Storyboard of iPhone 4 photos taken with the Instagram app

Storyboard of iPhone 4 photos taken with the Instagram app

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