The S Family Redux {Film}

by Amy on June 6, 2011

child photography at the Renassaince hotel in Schaumburg, IL

Remember the cuties from the Schaumburg family session I recently posted? I have some good news! You get to see some more cuteness! The film scans are back, and are totally confirming my decision to migrate to a film heavy (but still hybrid, with some digital for those who fear film) work flow. Film just has a dynamic range and feel that digital can’t match in certain circumstances. Don’t get me wrong, I still love digital in many situations. You can’t pry my iPhone camera from my hands for convenience’s sake, and my professional digital SLR allows me to shoot in low light situations I wouldn’t dream of with film. It also allows me to jump back and forth between extreme lighting situations without worrying about switching film backs and those sorts of things. But film will definitely become a big part of my work flow this year. Unless contracted otherwise, expect to have at least 65% of your portrait sessions and 30% of your wedding captured on film. And if you are up for a 100% film portrait session, let me know. I still have one of my birthday specials left!

family portrait at the Schaumburg Renaissance hotel
Child portraiture at the Schaumburg Renassiance hotel

Film geekery: Canon EOS 3, Portra 400

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