Film is Still Not Dead – Memphis, Continued

by Amy on May 16, 2011

**Update – 11/29/11** The Film is Not Dead guide is being retired, so the bulk of this post is no longer applicable. I think Canlas has collaborated on a book of some sort that he’ll be marketing as a replacement, but since I have no plans to purchase it, I don’t feel comfortable linking or recommending it. For those looking to explore film, I suggest starting by mastering the basics of your camera (digital or film) and building a firm grasp of the fundamentals of photography. Then buy some film and start playing. As a general rule, color negative film needs to be overexposed, color slide film needs to be nailed exposure-wise and black and white is a little trickier. Except for my very favorite black and white film, Tri-X. It’s pretty flexible. There. I saved you loads of money. 🙂

Black and white film photograph of a couple posing at the Film is Not Dead workshop in Memphis, TN

If you’d rather squirrel away your money for more film and developing, there is another option available from FIND’s Jonathan Canlas. He has put together a pdf guide to film photography. I have it stored on my iPhone, and have a few of my favorite pages tucked into my camera bag, as well. If you are just delving into the film waters, it’s a lot more economical than Canlas’ workshop, and you get most of the information he covers about film. I’d say the only thing you are missing out on is some of the business talk, which tended to be geared a bit more to higher end wedding photographers. So if you are just starting out, are more of a portrait photographer, or are in a market that does not lend itself to boutique pricing, I think the guide is a much better first step for you.

Jonathan Canlas and Kristopher Orr at the Film is Not Dead workshop in Memphis, TN

And maybe film isn’t your thing. Yet. I have confidence that can change. But if it isn’t right now, I still challenge you to slow down, find your voice and get out and create.

Black and white film photograph of a wedding couple in a parking garage in Memphis, TN

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