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by Amy on March 5, 2011

Still plugging away behind the scenes, getting the new site ready for prime time. I thought about importing all the posts from my old blog over here, but since all the image links are broken and need editing, I decided just to gradually move some of my old favorites. It will give me an excuse to get some actual photography up on the site, as well.

Below is a post I wrote last October.
I’m exploring a new area of photography that for now, I’m calling relationship photography. I want to work with clients over multiple sessions (at least two) with the goal of creating something more than just digital files that will sit on a DVD somewhere, perhaps to be printed halfheartedly on an inkjet printer or at the local drug store. These sessions will not be your typical portrait sessions. We’ll explore with photography (digital and film), video, printed word and more, with the goal of creating albums, multimedia presentations, print collages and other tangible products to tell your story and capture those moments for years to come.

While I’m calling this (for the time being) relationship photography, it is not necessarily about couples, although couples in all stages of their love are something I’m much looking forward to capturing. We all have many relationships – relationships with ourselves, our families, children, pets, spirituality, geography, history, etc. Any of those relationships are sorely in need of being documented. Your story should be told. I’ve had the sad honor of making the last photographs of several families, and I’m so thankful I was able to document those moments of grandchildren whose memories of a lost grandparent may be fuzzy in the coming years, or for mourning families remembering little ones taken far too soon. I feel as though I have a responsibility as a photographer to encourage those around me to tell their stories, and to do so in a way that allows the story to be told for years to come.

In order to better explain these sessions and test the waters a bit on what works and what doesn’t work (and to keep me out of trouble and to keep the creative juices from freezing up during the cold Chicago winter and spring), I’m in search of 1-3 couples for a personal project this fall/winter. Read more about the project here (pdf link). If you’re interested in participating, fill out page two and return it to me (instructions are on the form).

I can’t wait to share more about this new direction in the coming weeks!

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